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How to Test Database Queries and More with Node.js

This blog post is a cross-post of the article originally published on Medium. Getting an application to work, most of the time is somewhat trivial. Enough trial and error and you have something to show off. However, as you code more, the vicious cycle of coding, breaking, and fixing chips away at your soul. Manual testing of the last few changes that you have made to your codebase always leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Using Docker and Docker-Compose to setup a local working environment, ready to be scaled.

Let’s talk about running your Node.js applications, in a way that makes it easier to migrate to continuous integration and deployment pipelines later on the road. There are too many things that you can do in DevOps layer that will make your code more readable and easier to maintain. For example: You can assume that every configuration is retrieved through a single file, then make a spec in your Kubernetes cluster to dynamically create this file through ConfigMaps, which would solve your problem of moving/managing configuration files on multiple servers.